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So this is just me writing. No poeticism or deep thought.

My head hurts. But not in a throbbing, go-lay-down, makes-your-eyes-close-involuntarily, kind of way. It’s just this lingering, hardly noticeable, intermittent nuisance. These types of exceptionally dull headaches usually tell me one thing: I’m bottling something up. What exactly? I don’t know. There are actually too man possible answers to that right now for me to really determine what the real issue is. Let’s break em down:

1) Feeling like I may have hurt the feelings of some girl I’ve never met cuz I seemed…less than interested.. when her mom started talking about “hooking me up”.
2) I’m tired.
3) Going against my nature in choosing to guard and protect difficult relationships rather than forsake them.
4) My car insurance company raising my premium by $148.
5) I’m already wondering how I’m going to get people gifts (or anything for myself) this holiday season, and then I found out about #5.

6) Me mad at myself about #5 because it’s not that I’ll be flat broke or nothin, I’m just being selfish and don’t welcome further financial limits.

So needless to say, I need a nap.