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Talk about long overdue….

So I’m no longer waiting until I get my hi-tech DJ booking system designed to get back in the streets. Ambition is paralyzing progress rather than nurturing it at this point. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been grindin trying to figure out what web coding, etc to use to make this thing work. I’m pretty sure I’ve found it, it’s just that it’s going to take more time than I can stand to spend on this sabbatical to get it developed all nice and pretty. In the meantime, I’ll be using some low-tech alternatives that should do the trick for a little while.

I’m also steaming to pick up my visual media freelancing as well. I think I’m just generally restless from all this time of focused thinking, pondering, whatever. Not that it hasn’t been fruitful, but I know I can’t take it for much longer. I’m going to set up something simple for that on here as well real soon. That’ll be my #1 weekend project.

After hustling through completing two videos a local non-profit commissioned my job to produce over the past few weeks, I realized how much I really want a mac and Final Cut Studio at home. I’ve been able to do everything my imagination can throw at that thing and get results. And for me, that’s the measure of good creative software.

The videos will be shown at the non-profit’s awards program next week. I’m not the one getting an award, but seeing my work on a big screen and getting to network with people who will already know what I’m capable of is a reward in itself sometimes. I’ll post some video/pics of the occasion next week.