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So lately I’ve been getting on the grind with setting up my DJing business prototype. A business prototype is a system of processes that are directed at giving the user the same result every time the business “does what it does”. In this case, I’m designing a prototype that will give me (and my clients) the same result every time: satisfaction of all services requested.

From a slightly wider perspective, I’ve been noticing how much I need a vacation. Lately my eyelids have started twitching. Both of them. At the same time. On and off, every day. Apparently the most common causes of my current state are stress, fatigue and caffiene. I knew I was 3 for 3 after the way I was drinking a cup of coffee almost every day at work for the last couple of  weeks to keep me going after nights of little sleep. Sleeping at work frustrates me because it means I’m not being productive. I hate being unproductive at work. Why else am I there, ya know? Once again my body is telling me to slow down.

And so are my friends. My boy Reggie told me in jest the other day “you’re a workaholic. You need to come to terms with that and start thinking about how that could affect your future.” I laughed it off and reluctantly agreed with him. A couple days later the twitching started.

Anyway, the current phase to getting my DJing business up to where I want it to be is making it as easy as possible for potential clients to communicate what they need. And for that, I’m going to expand this website. I’ll be adding a page dedicated to the DJ in me, DJ Blaklyte, and all that he does. Actually if you click the category link above that says “DJing”, it’ll show you just my blogs related to this topic. That page is where I’ll be adding extra stuff. The blog will still be at the center of it, but it will only be blogs I write related to DJing. Sort of the “news” of my DJing activities. But even more importantly, this page will feature a booking request form that will touch on every aspect of the question “how may I serve you?”. Look out for that in hopefully a few weeks.

grace and peace.