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I jumped onto a 48hr film team at the last second last month. The opportunity to crank out a film in one weekend and have fun with some like-minded people was hard to resist. We drew from a lottery and the festival gave us our rules: we had to incorporate an event planner, someone named Samantha Canterbury, an envelope, the phrase “trust me,” and the story needed to be presented as a dark comedy. Everyone on my team had a background in improv (I took a class once), so this was bound to be a good time. The writers brainstormed and scripted until they could do no more Friday night. Saturday we had a team huddle over lunch, went on a quick shopping scavenger hunt for all our props, and then got to shooting!

I ended up playing multiple roles in front and behind the camera. Behind the camera I assisted with audio and edited half of the final film. I opted to have fun and just go with the flow, rather than be the”oh so serious” filmmaker I have to be on every other project. It’s the weekend. This was about fun!

48hr-filmscreenWe didn’t quite finish in time for the 48hr deadline (rendering… rendering… rendering), but we were all still excited about the idea of doing it again someday, so I call that a success. And we still made the big screen! All the films submitted were shown at the AFI theater in Silver Spring. It was really cool seeing all those films that were written, shot and edited over the weekend. You could definitely tell which teams were veterans at this format. They were producing TV-ready shorts in unbelievable circumstances. My favorite was a musical about peanut butter and jelly.

The whole experience really inspired me to consider all the possibilities of what can be done with 48 hours and the right group of people. If you’re looking for something fun to do and the festival falls on a pretty flexible weekend for you, I would definitely recommend it!