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I couldn’t ask for a better occassion to begin the public presence of Dual Caliber Media than presenting the wedding reception video I produced for two great friends of mine, Aaron and Elan. If you’re reading this then they’ve already tied the knot and shared this video with a room full of friends and family.

This was a classic “how we met” video with a modern spin. One of the things that really stuck out to me as we went through photos and talked about their story was how it could only be in this day and age with popular social networks like Facebook that we would have access to so many photos from every little step of┬álife. For their story, it was more about what was happening behind the scenes and behind the hearts of Elan and Aaron as significant and seemingly insignificant circumstances came together to weave the relational timeline that has culminated in their marriage.

We shot the live action scenes in one day at Reagan National Airport and the National American History Museum, with a Nikon D3100 and a couple lenses. You’re bound to have fun running around town recording a fun video with friends, and this was no exception. These locations also seemed to just fit like a glove for the story they had to tell. The Facebook visuals were achieved with some screen captures, Photoshop, and Apple Motion, and all other post work was accomplished with Final Cut Studio 2.

DISCLOSURE: Aaron and I agreed to barter business favors some time ago, which in his case led to my creating this video for him. There was no physical money exchanged, but instead a barter of services.