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Today on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I debuted a new weekly motivational video series. This is me sharing a little bit of the pep talks I give myself in the mirror, in case they might help you too.

So why am I doing it? People have been telling me for years that they are inspired by some of the things I say. I never feel like I’m saying much, but if I can make a positive impact on another person, I’m in.

I also just need the practice behind my camera designing visuals. I hate the lighting in this first video. I hate the shadows. I hate the echo in the sound. But that’s why I started it. To give myself a small project to relentlessly refine like a cinematography student would in film school. This was thrown together in about four hours, and yet I learned a ton about what to do differently next time.

So I hope this is as helpful for you as it is for me. Fifty-one more Mondays to go!