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I get asked this question by almost every person who is interested in my deejaying. The simplest answer is yes.

There is indeed truth, beauty, and goodness outside of scripture; so is the case outside of scripture-based music. So if a client specifically requests music by a secular, not anti-Christ, but simply non-gospel genre artist, I will consider on a case-by-case, song-by-song basis. But otherwise I stick to Christian artists.

Usually it’s a situation (all the requests have been from Christians by the way) where the client will be hosting a spiritually mixed crowd, and wants to cater to everyone.

I cater to one. My priorities don’t change.

I spin what will honor God and spiritually uplift listeners. So if I’m putting on anything remotely secular, it’s going to be free of profanity, degradation of either sex, sexually suggestive themes… you get the idea. Unless it’s a married couples thing for that last one… awkward….

Of course there are those exceptions like the youth group or gospel rapper that wants me to play a clip from Jeezy or Wayne to make a point about what they say in certain songs. And they’re providing the CD. I’m not buying/supporting that trash.

I don’t play secular instrumentals for artists at Christian outreaches either. So don’t call me. I think it confuses people on the street listening from a distance and actually keeps them from realizing there’s something DIFFERENT going on. Too much good stuff out there that doesn’t already have someone else’s rep attached to it.

Some Biblical examples of using secular “tools” for God-honoring purposes:

Acts 17:22-28 – Paul referring to an idol and secular poetry to bridge his revelation to his audience

Romans 8:3, Heb 4:15, John 1:14 – Christ taking on a temporal, corruptible, “secular” presentation in order to fulfill his mission and encourage us

There’s actually some music by professing Christians that I WON’T play. It’s just not as common. But’s it’s all a personal judgement call.