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What an amazing ten months it has been since my last major post! So much has happened and so much is beginning! Check out my latest production demo reel for a peak at the video production side of what I’ve been up to.

The ONE Retreat with The Remnant back in October was beyond amazing. The big project I alluded to in my September post was a feature length live action/live acting movie called ONE. It was presented in two parts as the message presentation for the retreat. And it was amazing. We shot and edited the whole thing in a month. And we hardly skimped on the tricks. It was a beast of a project, but more than worth it. Aside from the great reactions we got from the movie we shot for the message presentation, the life change and immediate impact of that weekend was beyond words. Students and volunteers alike, we were really privileged to experience God engaging us all on very personal levels throughout our experiences that weekend.

Before the high of the ONE retreat had even worn off, I was on my way to New York about a week later to support my colleagues at CTV receiving a really presitigious award. The Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) and UNITY: Journalists of Color recognized our station’s news department with an Edward R. Murrow Award for our investigative report series Black White and Shades of Gray, a look into the relationship between the PG county police department and the community over the past 30 years. Specifically our award was a commendation for our commitment to presenting the dynamics of diversity in our community. My contribution was the series intro, supporting graphics, and overall technical supervision. To say the least I was excited just to be involved and to have someone I’ve never met before give a nod to a project I had a real part in bringing together. But they were probably easier to impress than those teenagers the week before 🙂

Catch Rochelle aka @RochelleReports from CTV at 2:50.

I turned 25 October 19th! *cheers* Ironically, one of the things I wanted to do for 25 was go to the B&H Superstore in New York and buy something. I’m a geek. I know. So guess what I did before the awards show? Haha. Didn’t buy anything extravagant, just an obscure audio accessory I would rather see in person rather than buy online. But that store really was SUPER. Never seen anything like it.

On a more serious note, I’m really glad to have simply made it to 25. The years between 18-24 are statistically precarious for Black men in America. As much as I tried to stay out of trouble and as much as my parents worked to keep me on the right track, I’ve got friends and schoolmates that didn’t make it this far, and trouble found me enough times to be sure to thank God for still being here.

Going back to The Remnant, a big shift in the ministry’s usual routine was revealed just before Christmas: there would no longer be any Friday night services for Remnant. Instead, the youth ministry at First Baptist Church of Glenarden known as R.E.B.E.L.S. for Life would be teaming up with The Remnant for one huge Friday service aimed at teenagers and college students in the DMV at Glenarden’s amazing new worship center. We call it MERGE.

And last but certainly not the least update….. I’ve officially registered my video and DJ services company Dual Caliber Media!!!! Quality in both skill and character! Look out for the website, logo, and spotlights on some amazing people and amazing work coming from Dual Caliber Media! Follow on twitter @DualCaliber!