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So, first question: did I drive to California? Yes, I did!

I drove because everyone in LA told me I need my car. I didn’t want to pay to ship it, and my siblings are telling me you don’t want to drag your car behind a U-Haul truck. I’ve seen before what it costs to rent a truck big enough to hold my car and all my stuff… not gonna happen. Also, I didn’t want to play that game of putting my car on a train and trying to see if I could meet the train after I got off the plane…. It’s a small thing but it’s still a thing, right?

And so I drove cross country! They say it usually takes people three or four days to make the trip. I did it in five or six days instead. I drove for two days, then took a day off in Austin by my sister Debbie and my brother-in-law Greg.the-lamberts Then I drove for two and a half more days to reach Los Angeles. My first day was from Maryland of course, to Nashville, Tennesse. Then from Nashville I pushed through a long twelve hours to Austin. After my day off I took a short five hour drive to Fort Stockton, Texas. Then I drove to El Paso, a town right on the border with Mexico! I’ve never been to Mexico (or don’t remember) so it was cool to see it from the highway. I stopped in Phoenix for the night and then finally I drove from Phoenix to Los Angeles. I drove into Los Angeles in the middle of the day on New Year’s Eve.

I didn’t drag a trailer full of stuff behind my car. I shipped most of it about three weeks before I left. I used U-Haul’s U-Box container service. Cheaper than renting a U-haul for a week to drive cross country, the cheapest of all the container services that were local to LA, and the most convenient destination options. I still had a bunch of stuff that I forgot or needed in my last three weeks in my car, but that was it. I was nervous about having so much stuff in my car, but it was still easier than if I had my car plus a trailer. And of course I had my camera! So I could share with you as much as I can what I was able to see along the way.

So that’s it! Check out my facebook and instagram pages for photos from along the way, and stay tuned to my youtube channel for some amazing video!