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My first reaction to my first thirty days in LA, was how much I missed driving cross country. Even when I was crossing the flattest, most mundane landscapes, I knew I was getting somewhere. I kept seeing signs that told me I was getting closer to my next destination.

Here in LA? On a day to day basis, I have no real idea if any of my efforts are getting me where I want to go. The only thing I’m sharply aware of is how quickly my money is going out the window, and how little is coming in. I spent a lot of my time just meeting up with people and applying for jobs. Tried to do the roommate thing with two different sets of people… neither worked out. I dumped all my stuff into a studio in North Hollywood, left enough room to lay down my mattress, and went back to my laptop. I got a response to my application for a couple gigs, but neither panned out.

After about two weeks of scurrying for work I took some time off the hustle and went to the beach in Santa Monica. It was amazing to see the Pacific for the first time, especially since that meant I had just finished traveling coast to coast. It was a good break from the hustle of finding a place, unpacking and looking for work. And it also ended up being my break before things started to pick up. Over the next two weeks, I was driving all over town. I got my new driver’s license, registration, car insurance. I was meeting with people and getting advice about how to market myself. I started a hustle gig as a private courier, and I got an invitation to interview with the Apple Store. 

My first 30 days really felt like somewhat of a jumbled, fumbly mess, but they set me up pretty well for the next month. I got a part time job at the Apple Store, picked up my first freelance editing gig since my move, and made enough money from my courier gig to pay my rent without dipping into my savings. I also came to terms with what I would have to do in order to really go after my aspirations to be a cinematographer. I’ve been fortunate to meet some really great people working in and around the industry, and I’m hoping to find my way into the camera department for some productions on my days off from the Apple Store.

I have definitely been challenged by a lot of stuff that I’ve encountered. The differences in marketing yourself here, the crazy contrast of the ultra rich in Beverly Hills and seeing homeless people my age everywhere I go. The differences in the church culture… a lot to unpack, too much for one post. 

I’ll try not to take so long for the next entry. Some things are still settling into place, but I’m hoping to bring you much more of my journey more often. Talk to you soon.