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I really enjoyed this video from Yaves The Street Pastor and Slingshot Media Group. This video fit the vibe of the song so well. It’s not often artists in the Christian rap genre attempt videos for songs this chill, my guess is because they’re harder to make appealing. But this is daringly expressive of the mood. I wish other elements were introduced along with the glass that fit the black and white minimalist vibe, but this was an impeccable use of resources. You can really tell when a video is made a certain way because someone thought a gimmick looked good versus when the artistic direction was for the sake of the song. This was definitely the latter.

I started paying attention to The Street Pastor on the song “Go Harder”. Honestly I’m picky when it comes to the UK accents I like in songs, right down to the track. This to me was a great delivery by Yaves. Find this track and more on his latest mixtape “It’s Pronounced Yah-ves” on the Slingshot Media Group website.