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The last two years have been an amazing experiment. An amazing journey in discovering who I am and what I’m capable of, and where I want to go in the film industry. Now, it seems like plans and intentions are coming together in ways I could not have manufactured myself.

When I first arrived in LA I was interested in doing anything in film, and being told I had to pick a lane, so I picked shooting. I shot red carpets, commercials, short films, brand events, behind the scenes… but I’m not confident in my skill set for major film/TV set work. I needed more freedom to focus on learning.

I moved to a cheaper place in January and again in April, so I could afford to do more free work and build up my experience. I did more projects and started volunteering with the mobile film classroom. I even went to Trinidad to see family and work on a documentary about my family heritage. Going to Trinidad was everything to me. But then I had to move again, and I knew rent wouldn’t be cheap anymore.

Full time work went from an option to a necessity. I knew I could bring in full time income as an editor, but I knew once I branded myself as an editor out here it would be a pain to dig my way back out to shoot again. The other option was to do something completely outside of the industry and focus my off hours on studying cinematography. Then I could build my portfolio and jump when I was ready.

Then came a brand new opportunity from Apple. Three weeks before I had to move I started interviewing to become the first in a new role as the resident film and photography professional at my local store. In this role I get to walk in and keep my skin on. I spend all day talking to LA’s most promising and successful artists, showing people how to make the most of their Apple stuff, and bringing excitement around filmmaking and photography to our team. And to top it all off, Apple is insisting that I continue to get on set and pursue my passion, because they know it will only reinforce what I offer when I’m in the building. This job could not be more ideal for me right now.

Finally, a week before I had to move I found an amazing new place with the most incredible roommates. A place where I really feel like I can retreat and recharge after a busy day at Apple or on set.

I’m not home for Christmas, but next year I’m planning on it, and I’m in the best position I’ve ever been to go after what I want out here. Next year will be about studying cinematography, more original passion projects, and seeing all my loved ones again. Things have taken an amazing turn, and it’s definitely just the beginning.