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I forgot to publish this in July. And now that I need to read it, I’ve found it again…

You ever walk into a situation just knowing that you were going to end up frustrated, disappointed, or just feel like you can’t escape failure?

For me, that’s more often than I’d like. My well-known workaholic tendencies come from impatience, a bottomless need for affirmation, and anxiety about “growing up” that can be more exhausting than a night at the gym. In my attempts to curb the attacks I’ve consequently chewed on a lot of different verses and quotes to keep things in perspective.

Recently, I found my thoughts heading down this familiar path when the words “I… have overcome” pushed forcefully through the thick fog. As the words repeated and became more coherent to me, I started to pay attention to them. And then I remembered, this is what Jesus said to his disciples after detailing the persecution they would face for being associated with him. When I got a chance I sat down and looked it up.

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

I let myself think about it, chew on it, and apply it to my situation: In this world, DeAndré, you will have trouble with anxiety attacks. But take heart! I have overcome everything you worry about.”

Then it became: you will have ____________________. But take heart! I have overcome __________________.

I knew this was what I needed, but even more, I needed to stand on it to maintain my peace of mind. I plotted, if something… when something comes up again, I will say to myself:

I will take heart, because Jesus has overcome _____________.

For a week, I said that so much that it went from a mantra to a disposition. I saw it go from an idea to a foundation. I went from reaching for peace to standing in real joy in a matter of days! It just became so obvious that everything I was putting in that blank couldn’t come close to the power of Christ behind me.

When I come down off that novelty high (because we all come down), it’s much easier to remind myself. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what to do with all the extra time when I’m not freaking out lol.