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June 16 marks three years since I started my LLC, Dual Caliber Media. A lot has definitely been learned over that time. If the company name isn’t familiar to you, that’s partially by design. I realized over the past year that I needed to reapproach my marketing as a professional artist. Here are the three reasons why:

1. “We” is old-fashioned, and sometimes a lie.

Having a company with a name and a logo was the cool thing to do for me and a lot of my peers when we were in school, but at some point I started to look around and realize most of the great directors and creators that I admire weren’t known for their companies (and some have huge companies). People were familiar with them as individuals, and followed that name as a brand. In this new era of social media being at the center of every marketing endeavor, dropping the “we” presentation for professional services gives me permission to be a unique personality, rather than the rep for a faceless corporate collective. While I do assemble a team on occasion, the vast majority of the time I’m representing me, so no need for the facade.

2. I’m not “all business.”

I originally registered an LLC because I was getting requests for freelance services that I couldn’t accomodate as a sole proprietor. That didn’t mean that I would only work or create under my company name. I continue to have tons of great experiences as a professional and as an artist outside of Dual Caliber Media, and I want to maintain the flexibility to share that stuff with you all without having to carefully label everything as freelance/consultant/employee/just for fun. I just want to say hey, check this out!

3. DeAndré Anton Vidale is doing pretty good.

I’ve been fortunate to have my community come to associate my name with great work and a great work ethic, so I know I have the potential to continue to present myself as just an individual. The LLC will keep doing what it’s supposed to do–represent me legally–but for now that will be it.

With that, there is a slight transition happening with the name I put forward. For those who know me by my first name, DeAndré, I will eventually be transferring all of that “brand recognition” to my middle name, Anton. Why? It’s easier to pronounce, remember, spell, google… essentially it’s just better for marketing. So, look out for the name Anton Vidale on some great work coming out in year four.