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1. Priorities.
2. I don’t feel like gathering my thoughts into something coherent.
3. I’m still waiting to see how a situation turns out.
4. I’m still in awe of something that did happen.
5. I haven’t figured out how to write about something without needlessly offending someone.
6. I’m saving some ideas for my next layout (coming soon).
7. I don’t think what I wrote is ready to graduate from Draft to Entry.
8. I forgot to hit the Publish button….lol

Entries coming soon:

1. We’re Not on Capitol Hill Anymore, Toto (new church adventures)

2. Adam’s Essentials: Work and a Wife

Oh and if this wasn’t enough of an entry for you, or even if it was, go check out my man Adam Taylor’s blog. He’s getting ready to move to Ethiopia indefinitely to serve the country’s street children population. Definitely a life worth telling about. Oh and this has nothing to do with my second upcoming entry. I mean, you could’ve guessed that, right?

Love is patient! (1 Cor 13:4) Live in Love yall! (1 John 4:16)